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Performance is about more than strength and agility. It’s about safe and functional whole-body movement. It’s about optimized nutrient intake. It’s about success today and into the future.

Empowers Performance is so much more than a gym. It’s a lifestyle that enables you to perform better than ever.

Tommy Powers, leader of the Empowers Performance team, believes that the core of successful training is human connection. Each program includes one-on-one time with Tommy for personalized training where you’re not the only one who will be working hard. Tommy works with every athlete to gain the trust necessary for success.


The best outcomes depend on the enthusiasm of the athlete. We understand that training isn’t easy, so we prioritize communication and positivity.

Whether you’re in the gym with Tommy, learning about your blood composition with Dr. Drobot, or stretching out stiff joints with Shelly Anderson, you’re in good hands. The entire Empowers Performance team is on your side.

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