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  • Off-season Hockey Programs
  • In-season Hockey Program
  • Golf Programs
  • Home Gym Design
NEW: Virtual Off-Season Training

For athletes who are unable to travel, an adjusted, virtual training program is now available. We will assess your current situation, discuss your goals, and design a virtual program for you based on what equipment and resources you have available.

Contact us to discuss how virtual sessions can support your goals.

Empowers Performance offers two off-season hockey training programs, one for elite amateurs and one for professional hockey players. These programs prioritize understanding your individual needs and setting you on the right training path to enjoy a long and healthy career.

Every program is completely individual, so these points are only a general outline of what your experience will look like. For more details on how this program can work for you, contact us today.

Career Level
  • The Elite Amateur Program is designed for high-level amateur athletes from young divisions such as Peewee to Junior/NCAA. It requires a minimum of six weeks in Scottsdale with Tommy, unless your program is virtual.
  • The Pro Athlete Program is designed for professional athletes and requires a minimum of eight weeks in Scottsdale with Tommy.
  • Athletes must be self-driven and motivated to achieve their goals.
  • Athletes must be willing to continue training with Tommy even after their initial one-on-one training in Scottsdale ends. Ongoing commitment and buy-in are necessary for success.
  • Program includes one-on-one off-Ice training, nutrition and recovery measures.
  • Access to one-on-one training with Tommy Powers in the Empowers Performance gym.
  • Access to the facilities of the American Center for Biological Medicine (ACBM) in Scottsdale, Arizona and Dr. Jeoff Drobot, N.D
  • Access to flexibility and mobility protocol support specialist Shelly Anderson
  • Off-season programs are available between June and August of each year.
  • Daily, in-person sessions with Tommy Powers and team.
  • Athletes will be responsible for their own transportation and accommodation.
NEW: In-season Hockey Program

New for 2021, Empowers Performance is launching the Empowers In-Season High Performance Management Services for professional and elite amateur athletes who train with Empowers during the off-season. It’s a way to maintain progress and create consistency and wellness throughout the season, when athletes are back training with their teams.

  • Monthly performance assessment and consultation with Tommy Powers.
  • Custom in-season training programs and flexibility/mobility programs designed by the Empowers Performance team of professionals.
  • Daily monitoring of performance and recovery metrics through Whoop & Oura Ring
  • Blood test (info about what they’re testing for) via Vibrant Lab panel assessment 2-3 times per season
  • Ongoing nutrition management and meal prep services
  • Monthly management of supplements based on ongoing body chemistry analysis
  • 24/7 Performance Management Concierge Services
  • On-demand scheduling and billing of recovery services, including but not limited to cryotherapy, deprivation tanks, hyperbaric chamber, and vitamin intravenous treatment, etc.
  • Monthly billing and appointment management of Empowers Performance endorsed body work providers, including but not limited to soft tissue treatment, fascial stretching, and chiropractic therapy

Tommy Powers is a TPI Certified Golf Expert. TPI Golf Certification means that Tommy is trained with the deep understanding of how the body’s strengths and weaknesses affect the golf swing. Tommy trains golfers with the same one-on-one approach that he takes in training hockey players—he looks for individual needs and deficiencies and builds them up for optimal performance over time. Tommy works with golfers from his Empowers facility in Scottsdale, AZ where they have access to the facilities of the American Center for Biological Medicine (ACBM) and flexibility and mobility protocol support specialist Shelly Anderson.

NEW: Home Gym Design and Consultation

While all Empowers Performance programs require a certain amount of training time with Tommy in person in Scottsdale, most athletes’ homes are located elsewhere in the USA and Canada. To ensure that our athletes are able to maintain their training, Tommy offers Home Gym Design and Consultation.

Home Gym Design is driven by the same principles as in-person training. Each athlete has individual fitness needs and requires personalized training equipment to achieve their goals.

Your gym design will be based on learnings from in-person training sessions and consultation with Tommy Powers, to take advantage of your natural strengths and improve performance in the areas that matter to you.